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Welcome to ProTekGolf, specializing in high tech answers for the rising problem of golf club theft. 

My name is Blaine Konow.  I have spent many years developing ProTekGolf and am proud to be offering this system to interested investors who want to be part of this exciting new product. 

This patented system involving R.F.I.D. microchip technology, has proven to be an easy cost effective method for tracking stolen or lost Golf Clubs. 

This system has been used by the United States Armed Forces for years.  It is now available for the smart golf enthusiast who wants to protect his investment made in clubs and equipment. 

This quick, simple process involves placing a chip inside each item to be protected.  If the clubs are ever reported stolen, the local law enforcement personnel will be able to track them and return them to the rightful owner.  Finally, this is an opportunity for high end golf club manufacturers to provide brand authenticity.

This new Technology

  • State of the art, giving the golfer a "one up" on thieves who prey on people with high quality equipment.
  • They can be traced, by local law enforcement who will be alerted of the location.
  • Ownership can be transferred from seller to buyer.
  • Clubs are registered to current owner.